SIA APARTL specializes in short-term rental property management and offers profitable and high-quality short-term rental management for apartments and vacation cottages. 

The advantages of using APARTL property management service

Higher income

We will provide up to 30% higher annual income compared to long-term rent.

Less property depreciation

Short-term rental guests spend much less time at the property, as it is mainly used as an overnight accommodation, and treat the property more carefully, as there is a possibility to receive negative feedback on rental platforms.

Flexible use of property

When the property is not rented out, you can use it for your own purposes.

What does APARTL provide?

Professional property photoshoot

Pricing strategy development

Property placement on the most popular short-term rental platforms

24/7 support for your guests in problem situations

Technical supervision of the property

Preparation of monthly financial reports

Income distribution

you will receive as the owner of the property

SIA APARTL commission fee